Business Expos are a great place to visit for anyone who is involved in the world of business. You can network to meet new people, and also strengthen your existing business relationships, all in one place. There’s no denying that the modern world relies heavily on social media and online connections. In this world of the digital, sometimes it’s still best to meet the old-fashioned way and meet customers, contacts, suppliers, and more, face to face! Here at Surrey Business Expo, we are big fans of the benefits that Expos can bring for all sorts of people in business! But what exactly are these benefits? In this article, we’ll be sharing 11 benefits of attending a Business Expo, and why you should definitely consider attending one near you. Whether you’ve never been to one before, or just need a reminder of exactly why they’re so great, here are our top 11 reasons why you should definitely not miss out next time!

So, what are the benefits of attending a Business Expo?

There are so many benefits to choose from, which is best for your business?

Target specific leads

Firstly, there are two ways in which you can attend a Business Expo, as a visitor or as an exhibitor. There are definitely benefits to doing both. However, if you do choose to attend as an exhibitor, you can use it as an opportunity to pitch to highly targeted leads and make more sales. This is because most people who attend a Business Expo are looking for things that they can use to improve their business, whether this is goods, services, or business relationships. So, if you think that you can offer them something that will do just this, they are probably quite open to buying! Make sure that you’re starting as many conversations as possible, and really highlight the benefits that you can offer to close as many sales as possible.

Take advantage of seminars and talks

Any good Expo should have a few seminars or talks on offer to their visitors. And, one of the main benefits of attending a Business Expo is that you get the opportunity to attend these as a part of your Expo experience. These talks can be on a whole range of topics, and usually some interesting and insightful speakers are invited to give them on a topic that they are passionate and knowledgeable about. You can then put their ideas and insight into action in your own business, or simply learn from them for your own knowledge and enjoyment.

Seminars and talks

Look out for the networking wall

Most Business Expos will have what is called a ‘networking wall’ somewhere in the main space of the Expo. But what is a networking wall and why do you need to look out for it? Well, it’s a space to advertise your business and what you do to the whole audience of the Expo, for free! As soon as you arrive at your chosen Expo, look out for this wall and don’t forget to bring along some advertising materials so that you can talk about your products and services with this free marketing opportunity. You never know who might be looking, so don’t forget to add your contact details and stand number if you are exhibiting!

Check out the exhibition hall

The exhibition hall will probably be the main hub of the whole Expo, where most of the action is happening! As a result, you’ll probably spend most of your time here. One of the benefits of attending a Business Expo is that there will probably be so many organisations there, representing a huge variety of sectors and industries. So, it gives you a great opportunity to get out there and get networking with all sorts of people that you might not usually meet in your day-to-day work. You can learn more about what they do and the services that they offer, that just might be useful for your own business. Or, you may even be able to work together in the future on a new project! When you’re going about the exhibition hall doing your networking, you can talk a little about your own business if it’s relevant. But, don’t make it the focus of all of your conversations trying to sell your own products and services if you don’t have an exhibition stand- you can use the networking wall for this!

Education is key

Following on from this, one of the big benefits of attending a Business Expo is the general education that takes place there. And, you don’t have to attend every single seminar, talk, and workshop to learn. Many organisations use Business Expos as a chance to show off their latest developments. SO, just from attending, walking around, and speaking to people that interest you, you can learn about all of the latest news and what’s going on, in your industry and beyond. Knwoledge is power, so you can then use your new findings

Don’t forget to look for special offers

Business Expos are usually the place where exhibitors will run some special offers. These are often exclusive to the event, so if you have your eye on a particular bargain, now is probably a good time to take the plunge and purchase! The offers that the exhibitors run can range from a percentage discount off their services, to freebies, so it’s definitely worth checking out as many as you can to see what you can save, especially if you are in need of something in particular.

Increase brand awareness

Who doesn’t want to put their business out there more, and help build up their brand awareness? Well, a Business Expo is a perfect place to do this, whether you’re exhibiting or not. You’ll get the chance to talk to so many different people about your business. And, you never know, they might take that knowledge away and share your brand with someone else, too, creating a snowball effect of brand awareness that you would never have gotten if you didn’t know the benefits of attending a Business Expo!

Keep a close eye on your competition

Chances are, you know who your business competition is. But how do you know what they’re up to? Well, if they’re attending the same Business Expo as you, you can use this as an opportunity to catch up with their latest developments and see how they’re doing! It always pays to keep a close eye on the competition, so that you can compare yourself against them. However, this isn’t the only reason to stake them out at a Business Expo. Perhaps you could actually join forces and work together on something? Just because they are your completion, doesn’t mean you can’t forge a lasting business relationship with them at an Expo!

Networking can take place anywhere

Even in the queue for your cup of coffee! That’s right, the benefits of attending a Business Expo don’t stop in the main exhibition space. They give you a chance to network anywhere and everywhere, including in the cafe. After all, you never know who might be behind you in the queue. And, you’ve already got something in common to kick off your conversation. When you come to a Business Expo, potential business contacts that can help you in your business journey are everywhere. So, don’t ignore this unique chance, and talk to everyone possible. You can also use the cafe space to meet up with your existing business contacts over a hot drink and talk things over away from the hustle and bustle of the main hall. So, this is a space that you’ll want to make use of, even if you’re not feeling hungry!


See all the different paths you can take

If you’re looking to develop your career, there are plenty of benefits of attending a Business Expo! You can get inspiration from other people in your industry and the exciting paths that they have chosen. Furthermore, you can make connections that might help you in your career. You can even see different industries at work and see if you think any of them would be a good fit for you! Whether you are just starting out in your career, or are simply looking for a change of direction or to see what’s out there, you can’t go wrong by attending a Business Expo for inspiration and networking.

Forget speed dating, meet speed networking!

Speed dating is a lot of people’s worst nightmare. But what about speed networking? This is a Business Expo trend that is rising in popularity, and it gives visitors the opportunity to network with a lot of people in a short space of time. You can then continue on a longer conversation later if you think they’re someone you could forge a lasting business connection with! If you’re short on time but still want the benefits of attending a Business Expo, this could be a good activity for you.

There are undoubtedly many benefits of attending a Business Expo for all sorts of organisations whether you re exhibiting or attending as a visitor. They will be a very worthwhile use of your time if you use them properly, get out there, and network and learn at every opportunity during the Expo. With many Expos happening quite infrequently, about once a year, you really can’t miss the opportunities that they present. We would love to see you here at the next Surrey Business Expo. Find out more about us, including when the next event is happening, on our website here.